Why is MrPipForex software better for Real Traders?

SPECIAL and USEFUL: We offer many practical products you will not find elsewhere.

TESTED: Most of our products have been tested by real traders, and improved from their feedback.

BUG-FREE: Our products are as bug-free as possible. We also compensate for bugs in MetaTrader everywhere we can.

USER-FRIENDLY: We spend a lot of time writing clear, detailed instructions for our products, so you can get the best use of them.

HIGH SPEED: They are designed to be as fast as possible. We have spent a lot of time discovering ways to increase the speed of our Indicators, EAs, etc. They are often tens to 100 or more times faster than many others. This means they will not bog down your computer. A slow computer will cost you money with late entries and exits.

IT WORKS: Our products will always work with both “four-digit” and “five-digit” brokers (“Digits” is the number of price decimal places).

IT WORKS: Our Expert Advisors (EA’s) for live trading have extensive error checking and handling, very often not included in others’ EA’s. Our EA’s correctly handle such items as broker price requotes due to slippage, and invalid stop loss or take profit levels due to the broker’s limitations.

IT WORKS: Our EA’s for live trading can gracefully recover from a re-boot or disconnection, because key values are constantly logged. This is most often not included in others’ EA’s, so they may “lose track” of a trade or trailing stop.

Available Products For Purchase

Expert Advisors

Automated systems and tools for MetaTrader (MT4)
including Trade Managers and Trading Tutors

Custom Indicators

Collection of indicators for MetaTrader (MT4)
including multi-pair and multi-timeframe tools


Tools to make opening and closing trades easier
including opening and closing multiple trades


E-Books and articles about Forex


Important Information

MAKE A NOTE WHEN YOU ORDER, of the email address you used, and exact name.
We will need it later, during setup, so we can enable your license keys.

Our E-mail Policies:
Your e-mail address will not be lent, sold, rented, or given without your permission.
You will not receive tons of email from us – we just can’t write that much!

Encryption FAQ
Why encryption?
Nowadays it is easy to decompile MetaTrader4 compiled .ex4 files. It costs less then $10 to decompile any EA/Indicator which has been written by developer(s) who may have spent hundreds of hours to develop it. The product we use helps us to protect our source code against pirate copying. The protection system is designed to work with MetaTrader4 (MT4) and MetaTrader5 (MT5) Expert Advisors (EA) and Indicators. It enables us to release products we otherwise would sit on.

How it works
The whole system is license based. This license is an essential part of the system. A license looks like: 4C3B11AFDA8A89752C43C92600C42425. Each license will be tied to a Computer ID (see below).
An encryptor tool encrypts a compiled .ex4 file to avoid decompiling.
We then generate a license for each product. You will be sent the encrypted .ex4 file or files (filename.ex4) and protection application within a setup program. The protection application takes care of the decryption of .ex4 files INSIDE MetaTrader automatically! After it is installed you just use MetaTrader and our EAs, Indicators, and Scripts like normal. Everything happens fully automatically.

Definition of CID (Computer ID)
CID is an acronym for Computer Identification. We calculate an ID from every system to identify them. This ID contains information from motherboard to system harddisks. It is a combination of many variables that do not change often. Example CID: HCE53ED55855038C42A5DF9AFC01154C. Every CID contains a 32 character hexdecimal code to identify computers individually. Our setup program contains a tool that shows the CID of the running computer. Your ComputerID will be required and tied to the licenses for any products purchased.

How much room does encryption take on my hard drive?
Less than two or three pictures from your camera.

How much does it slow down my computer?
This was one of our first questions. Answer: So little difference that we have not been able to measure it. And we are speed freaks about Forex programming.

How often does the encryption program check for valid Licenses?
About once per hour, for a few seconds.

Money back on our products on last payment or last two months membership paid if not satisfied. If it is an error on our part, you must first allow us a chance to correct it or give you a substitute product of equal or greater (at our discretion) value.
Note: After a refund not due to our fault then we will not sell any more products to you.
Quality products deserve respect.

Occasionally a MetaTrader update might make some of our products stop working right. This is not predictable, and not under our control.
We can usually correct this very soon, but it takes work and you may have to be patient with us.